Health (English)

In all countries, people are strongly advised to get vaccinated against Corona and also to do the follow-up vaccinations. It is well known that vaccination puts a strain on the body. It is meaningful and possible to prepare for it. This is the main purpose of the suggestions in this course.
14 days unrestricted right of return.

EUR 35.00

In this course you will practice five exercises in a certain order that will help you get out of Corona better and maybe even benefit from it in the long term.
14 days unrestricted right of return.

EUR 35.00

3 basic course packages, answering the questions and Corona emergency courses

Exercises that make the rhythmic system more resistant, strengthen breathing and circulation and make you robuster to external attacks. It is also about getting through an illness (in case of any) as well as possible, allowing a fever, keeping breathing and circulation in motion, increasing the immune defence and getting the metabolism and the excretion of degradation substances flowing. 14-day unrestricted return policy.

EUR 75.00

12 videos, 6h

Exercises to join in.The original lessons were given at weekly intervals.  You can keep to this rhythm for yourself: watch a video and then practice it at your own pace and independently for a week. Then move on to the next video.

EUR 30.00

Six Webinars from May to June 2020

Exercises with a focus on vitalization, inner activity and perfusion in the visual apparatus by carefully addressing the forces of our lower system in combination with our inner light forces. The exercises build on one another, repeat themselves and slowly develop from lesson to lesson.

EUR 30.00

6 videos, 6h and all request concerts 2020

Exercises to strengthen and regenerate the heart. In addition, access to all request concert videos from 2020.
14 days unrestricted right of return.

EUR 30.00

Six webinars with Theodor to strengthen your inner and outer balance and to create a good foundation for your health.

EUR 30.00

Live every Monday from January 18th to March 22nd at 7 p.m. CET. Six webinars with Theodor to strengthen and regenerate the autonomic nervous system. Four request-concert webinars and access to all request-concert replays from 2021.

EUR 30.00

108 exercises for your well-being

Health in Action fosters your health and general well-being. Give it a try and enjoy. You will quickly see how much it will benefit you. The exercises are easy. You can do them alone or together with friends. The package contains:

  • Ten Minutes a Day. Seven Courses with Health in Action sequences.
  • 108 Single exercises for every day in our Health in Action First Aid Kit.
  • The Eurythmy4you Happy Heart.
EUR 70.00

Online sessions with Theodor

In these sessions of 45 minutes we can practice anything you need. After the purchase, we will make an appointment.

  • First meeting € 20.-
  • Follow-up session € 60.-
  • You need it cheaper? Write an email.