Health for the Heart

6 videos, 6h and all request concerts 2020

The heart is the most comprehensive human sense organ. The blood flows through this mysterious hollow muscle, laden with the soul experiences of the organs of the abdominal cavity and those of the senses and thoughts of the head. The heart has to bring these worlds of experience into harmony. That's not always easy.

Everything is reversed in the heart. Right to the left, bottom to top, back to front. In the heart the blood comes to rest, becomes heavy and thick. Immediately afterwards, it experiences its resurrection in the atmosphere of the lungs.

Worries that stream to the heart can be transformed into love there. This is a mental activity that warms our blood. The heart develops the ability to forgive and to heal and is the organ of giving. The heart is the place where we experience freedom. Whoever learns to see or to listen with the heart will recognize the spirit in every thing.

Working method

The regeneration and strengthening of the heart always takes place from the circulation, from the rhythm, from the play of polarities. We will practise that in many variations in this webinar. We practise large and small movements, execute exercises in walking, doing and listening alternately. Just as the heart needs to do. At the end of the lesson there is an opportunity to ask questions. With this course you get a fund of movement exercises that will help you to support your heart in its diverse tasks and to give it the relief it needs to bloom, shine and give.

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