Basic exercises

8 videos, 60min

In this course, seven videos show you important basic elements of eurythmy. As you watch the exercises and practice them on your own, you enter into connection with the source of freely flowing but lawful and purpose-filled movement that is the bearer of health and life.


EUR 15.00

Upper and lower system

7 videos, 49min

A course of seven videos on the upper and lower system in the human being and their effects on our body, our movement, and our self-consciousness.


EUR 15.00

Copper rod exercises

31 videos, 2h50min

In this series of six exercises with the copper rods and their variations you learn:

  1. to integrate the rod and yourself into the geometrical order of the forces of space.
  2. to allow the forces of levity surrounding us to become active in our bodies.
  3. to awaken your sensory perception in your back
  4. to manage the autoregulative fine motoric skills of your hands and fingers from without
  5. to develop a communicative relationship to the space surrounding you
  6. and to let go


EUR 35.00

The vowels: gestures and variations

21 videos, 2h15min

Vowels are forces of rest, heart forces. Where there is restlessness and chaos, they order, form, point to the essential. Actually, they have no external movement. Their principle is radiation, the presence, the role model. They act as invisible magnetic fields that structure the space and even give support when the exterior is removed.

In the course you learn the basic gestures of the vowels A, E, I, O, U, Ei, Au and the inner aspects of how they are built. You also get to know many exercises and variations of execution.


EUR 30.00

Therapeutic exercises

8 videos, 65min

This course contains examples of exercises that are used in eurythmy therapy. They also form part of our courses for stress release and high sensitivity. The exercises included are:

  • Sympathy - Antipathy
    (2 videos)
  • Yes - No
    (4 videos)
  • U from left and right
    (1 video)
  • Hope - U
    (1 video)


EUR 15.00

Vowels in Action

110 exercises for your well-being. Plus 42 videos of other courses

Seven courses in one package: 

  1. Staying receptive and becoming grounded.
  2. Creating relationship. Interweaving opposites.
  3. A happy heart. Mobile and centered at the same time.
  4. Warmth and Light – Creating harmony
  5. Resting in oneself– transcending boundaries.
  6. Nurture and gentleness.
  7. Overview and Creativity - Creating Space for Freedom.

Access to the seven courses:

A in Action | E in Action | 
I in Action
O in Action |  
U in Action
 | Ei in Action | 
Au in Action


EUR 70.00

HSP-1 High Sensitivity

Personal growth through high sensitivity

The special feature of our course is its systematic structure according to topics, which are adapted to the different layers of our personality.

The basis for this is on the one hand the Eight-Fold Path of the Buddha, as taught 3000 years ago, and on the other hand the beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount. Both of them take up the complex structure of mind and body in a similar way, and subdivide it into eight or nine basic principles.

Rudolf Steiner worked out the similarities between these two ways. Their system forms the basis for this course.

Access to the course


EUR 140.00

Activity Based Stress Release 1

8 weeks against 7 types of nervosity

A sequence of exercises given by Rudolf Steiner against inner stress, caused by

  • Forgetfulness
  • Jumpiness and anxiety
  • Self-doubt and over-anxiousness
  • Restlessness and loss of control
  • Dependencies
  • Compulsions and indecision
  • Being hunted by thoughts

When you have practiced the exercises for some time you might notice that:

  • you are more self-confident,
  • that practicing is fun,
  • new experiences fill you with joy,
  • you become less forgetful,
  • you're more relaxed in general,
  • you experience yourself as more secure,
  • you arrive in yourself.

Access to the course


EUR 140.00

Activity Based Stress Release 2

Follow-up course in reversed order

ABSR follow-up course in reverse order, with:

  • Indications by Rudolf Steiner
  • Everyday exercises as in ABSR 1
  • Eurythmy sequences part 2
  • Euryhtmy sequences parts 1+2

Access to the course


EUR 47.00

Eurythmy Package

The Vowels, Vowels in Action, Therapeutic Exercises, Rod Exercises, Eurythmy on Skis, Freebies

EUR 215.00

Mindfulness Package

ABSR 1+2, HSP 1+2, The Vowels, Vowels in Action, Therapeutic Exercises, Freebies

HSP 2 and Eight-fold Path are in preparation. If you buy now they will be added at no extra charge.

EUR 355.00

Total Package

ABSR 1&2, HSP 1&2, The vowels, Vowels in Action, Therapeutic Exercises, Rod Exercises, Eurythmy on Skis, Freebies

The package includes the existing videos of Eurythmy4you in English language and those that are in preparation: HSP 2 and Eight-fold Path. If you buy now they will be added at no extra charge.

EUR 400.00