Counteract Bullying

Slowly but surely get things moving.

You get bullied because you are different! Maybe you have something that the others would like to have and admire. They just don't know it and wouldn't understand it either.

You are open, deep and vulnerable. Your situation demands a lot of perseverance and change. That takes imagination and agility. Not only in the head, but also in your deeper layers.

You can't just end bullying like that. This requires people to help you and measures to show that you are protected. This course would like to be a building block for that.

In this course we will show you exercises that work with internal forces which help you,

  • to feel you and your needs better,
  • to develop your inner powers
  • and stay healthy.
  • You strengthen what lives in you
  • become more noticeable for others
  • and can act differently.

Your body feels you, a dialogue begins and your inner powers blossom.

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