The art of a long life

Caring for a long and fulfilled life.

Everyone knows how good it is for us and how it increases our strength when we really feel noticed by someone. It is the same with our bodies. Therefore:

  • "I feel good" is not just a statement about a condition.
  • "I feel good" means I am in contact with my body, I feel.
  • "I feel good" is an activity that makes you healthy, strengthens your life forces and is the basis for a long and fulfilling life!

In this course we want to strive toward this vitality with the help of healing movements within ourselves.

I am at home in my inner landscape.
I am close to her and communicate with her.
I am within me. I feel good.

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Doldenblütler gelten als Theriak des armen Mannes - Olaf Rippe
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