The Eightfold Path

8 weeks with exercises, mediations and eurythmy

The eightfold path is the source of our mindfulness courses. It consists of eight modules, eurythmy demonstrations, in-depth texts and background information.

The eigthfold path can be understood as the unfolding of eight forms of love:

Bergkristall Jürg Reinhard-jpg.jpg1. Thinking
2. Practicing
3. Speaking
4. Mediating
5. Reconciling
6. Connecting
7. Devotion
8. Becoming one

The Eightfold Path originates from Gautama Buddha in the 6th century BC. In the 20th century the steps of the path were assigned to days of the week by Rudolf Steiner and worked out as part of the anthroposophical path of inner schooling.

With the exercises of the Eightfold Path, dormant abilities are developed, which create new opportunities for the mind, the soul and everyday consciousness. Life issues may be tackled independently. Answers to and ways through current social questions be found from within one's own inner being.

Just as the Buddha suggests the way, the path, we first focus our attention on various internal realities. This is connected with self-discovery. We find the connection to a germ within us that does not originate in earthly conditions and which opens up completely new possibilities for ourselves.

The written course dossier with all texts and exercise descriptions can be downloaded in the introduction to the course free of charge.

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