Self-Empowerment (EN)

8 weeks with exercises, mediations and eurythmy

EUR 120.00

The eightfold path is the source of our mindfulness courses. The eigthfold path can be understood as the unfolding of eight forms of love. The course consists of eight modules, eurythmy demonstrations, in-depth texts and background information. 

Basic course

EUR 128.00

Our ABSR self-help courses form the core of our work. Here you benefit from the systematic structure, holistic approach and deep background of the exercises which will help you to calm down and draw new strength and zest for life.

Courses 1-3 of the ABSR Stress Release Program

EUR 238.00

Do you want to do an ABSR course for yourself or together with your friends? Then these courses are just right for you. You can go from module to module and decide for yourself when and how long you want to do something. Or you can start the sequential run trough where you are guided through the course with emails.

EUR 128.00

In the ABSR Top Level Course, you will work with the eurythmy exercises of level three and deepen the practical exercises with the help of the eurythmy planetary gestures.

Experience yourself in a new way

EUR 128.00

When you do the ABSR course in reverse order, you will experience the course anew and not as a repetition. To support this, we combine the everyday exercises with new advanced eurythmy exercises. We provide you with additional background information and the possibility to do the exercises even more effectively.

First aid for highly sensitive people

EUR 35.00

How can I protect myself from overstimulation? If I can't stand the noise from the neighboring construction site? When I can't stand my colleagues' nervous habits? If I can't stand smells or crowds? Our four-element body scan and 12 eurythmy exercises could help you with this.

Eight weeks with meditations, exercises and eurythmy.

EUR 70.00

Personal growth through high sensitivity. The topics and exercises in the basic course HSP-1 help you to accept and affirm your experiences of high sensitivity, which can be very irritating and painful, so that they can become manageable for you. The course is like growing roots to strenghten your life.

Caring for a long and fulfilled life.

EUR 35.00

A long and fulfilled life may be everybody's wish. Of course there is a connection between this and the wish to keep vitality and mental power into an old age. In this course we want to strive toward this vitality with the help of healing movements within ourselves.

Slowly but surely get things moving.

EUR 35.00

You have not only bones and muscles, you have also internal strength systems. You can address, activate and harmonize them. When these begin to work together, they will support and carry you from within. In this course we will show you exercises that work with internal forces which help you.

EUR 90.00

We look at eight topics for men and discuss seven ABSR exercises that can be easily incorporated into everyday life. In addition, you will do two minutes of eurythmy daily.

Follow-up course

EUR 70.00

The course HSP 2 is a spiritual deepening of the HSP 1 course in reverse order with the aim of getting to know the deeper layers of your being, living without fear and becoming more and more helpful in life.

Lectures, Videos and Materials

EUR 90.00

Experienced clinicians and researchers demonstrate different approaches to trauma therapy. People in the field present a wealth of proven exercises for post-traumatic growth.