Spin the Wheel

Eurythmy - Anytime, Anywhere!

Find the exercise that helps you now - for this moment, for this day. The exercises are short (2 - 3 minutes) and can be done anywhere. Right away you will feel how supportive they are for your health and well-being.

This is the full version of our Spin the Wheel experience. With this full version you can access one of the 108 eurythmy vowel exercises randomly each time you Spin the Wheel. This is a quick and fun way to experience the many positive benefits of eurythmy anytime and anywhere!

If you prefer to have all 108 exercises available on demand, you may wish to consider purchasing the First Aid Kit or the Health in Action Full Package which includes four of our vowel courses (Spin the Wheel, First Aid Kit, 10 Minutes a Day, and Vowels in Action). Both purchase options will be made available to you at reduced prices when you purchase this course.

ViA Glücksrad 1:1 Advanced
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