Resilience and Strength

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The five exercises that you will learn and that will bring more and more effect to you over time are, in their order, like a beautiful hiking day. They touch all aspects of your walking through the day.

  • In the morning I have to think about whether the weather is good enough, where I'm going, who and what I'm taking with me: Yes and No
  • When I climb the mountain, I enjoy walking, what I see moving together with others. But I also use the time to think, have to take a break and sometimes be for myself: Sympathy and Antipathy
  • At the top, I'm happy that I made it. I spread my arms to enjoy the vastness of the landscape in front of and below me and make sure that I don't fall down out of sheer devotion. Love and E
  • During the relaxed descent and on the drive home, I experience a quiet peace and satisfaction, how everything in me reverberates and lets it become inner: Hope and U
  • In the evening and in my sleep I let go. The efforts of the day pass and the exhaustion and tiredness from all the movement are transformed into structure, freshness and health the next day: A-H and Reverence

Exercises that make the rhythmic system more resistant, strengthen breathing and circulation and make you robuster to external attacks.

It is also about getting through an illness (in case of any) as well as possible, allowing a fever, keeping breathing and circulation in motion, increasing the immune defence and getting the metabolism and the excretion of degradation substances flowing.

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