Eurythmy School (English)

8 videos, 60min

EUR 15.00

In this course, seven videos show you important basic elements of eurythmy. As you watch the exercises and practice them on your own, you enter into connection with the source of freely flowing but lawful and purpose-filled movement that is the bearer of health and life.

7 videos, 49min

EUR 15.00

A course on the upper and lower system in the human being and their effects on our body, our movement, and our self-consciousness.

26 videos, 2h 05min

EUR 15.00

In this series of six exercises with the copper rods we show you different variations and what you can discover through them. We combine the movements of the arms with the legs and walking forms. You strengthen your body perception and your connection with yourself.

EUR 15.00

The eurythmic gestures of the consonants, their relationships to each other and to the vowels, to the zodiac system and to the planets.

These references play a special role in deepening the Eightfold Path and the development of the laryngeal chakra: The Eightfold Path.


EUR 15.00

If you have to deal with children or adults who are agitated, restless and nervous, then this D F G K H - R sound sequence can have a calming and relieving effect. Rudolf Steiner, September 17, 1912


EUR 15.00

A sound-sequence of twelve consonants, in which the whole human being is expressed. We can therefore speak of the  sound-sequence of the human being, of a contemporary alphabet, of a qualitative gradation of sounds, of a path of development of four times three sounds.

21 videos, 2h15min

EUR 15.00

In the course you learn the basic gestures of the vowels A, E, I, O, U, Ei, Au and the inner aspects of how they are built. You also get to know many exercises and variations of execution. Learning the movements is easy and the effect is amazing.

16 videos, 3h30min

EUR 15.00

Meditative content and the attentive movement of Eurythmy complement each other ideally. You get a helpful distance from the everyday and strengthen your inner forces. We will show you five movement meditations and what you can pay attention to when performing.

8 videos, 65min

EUR 15.00

We explain exercises from eurythmy therapy and show variations: Sympathy-Antipathy, Yes-No, U from left and right, Hope-U. You can use the videos to deepen your experience of eurythmy therapy. If you are studying eurythmy therapy, you can use the videos as study material.

30 videos, 10h

EUR 30.00

Eurythmy is so diverse! We can explore and get to know this universe together. Eurythmic answers of 10 to 20 minutes to a variety of questions and wishes from 20 eurythmy request concerts between May 2020 and March 2021.

EUR 15.00

The planetary gestures in the order of the days of the week: Saturn (Saturday) - Sun (Sunday) - Moon (Monday) - Mars (Tuesday) - Mercury (Wednesday) - Jupiter (Thursday) - Venus (Friday). As if carried on wings, the gestures are embedded in the musical-eurythmical experience of the intervals.

The Venus gesture connects you with the forces of the earth. In a balance between giving and taking, she nourishes a center full of life. The order and the diversity of their light forces enrich the life processes in your organism. This gives you the strength to shape your outer life in a variety of ways.

EUR 15.00

Language is a way out into the world, into which souls awakening to the world, one facing the senses, encountering the world. The music is an inner awakening and action in this process: a walk out. And thus meet one's own spirit, his own creative activity.

In the gestures of souls, the musical feeling of going into one's own creative process is turned back to oneself and internalized. The body is "be-toned". The relationship of the musical advance to the soul gesture is comparable to that of sound to bell. Only the sound comes first.