Therapeutic exercises

8 videos, 65min

In this course we will show you exercises and their variations from eurythmy therapy. In practice, each exercise will become tailored to the client. The variations shown are an example.

  • Sympathy-Antipathy
  • Yes-No
  • U from left and right
  • Hope-U

If you have received these exercises as part of your eurythmy therapy, you can use what is shown here to deepen your experiences and to discuss them with your therapist. If you are studying eurythmy therapy, you can use the videos as study material.

We strongly advise against using the videos as a self-help therapy. Eurythmy therapy always requires guidance and correction by a therapist.

The videos also form part of our courses for stress release and high sensitivity.

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T01 Sympathie Antipathie - Heileurythmieübung--001
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