Eurythmic meditations

6 videos, 1h25min

Dealing with content that is not directly related to everyday life can help to create a helpful distance from the everyday. The deepening of meditative through Eurythmy content can strengthen and consolidate this.

Conversely, through a meditative awareness you will experience the deeper dimensions of eurythmy and thus even more intensely what is slumbering in you and waiting to develop its potentials.

We will show you three movement meditations with variations and what you can pay attention to when performing.

  • The fundamental meditation of Light and Gravity and how it becomes our task to reconnect them.
  • The basic eurythmy exercise: I think the speech
  • The meditation touching all the basic principles of eurythmy: The power of health.

You can download a dossier with the texts of the meditations, in-depth questions and a retrospective summary as pdf.

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