The calming sequence


If you have to deal with children or adults who are agitated, restless and nervous, then this D F G K H - R sound sequence can have a calming and relieving effect. Rudolf Steiner, September 17, 1912

The eurythmic gestures of the consonants. The relations of the consonants to each other and to the vowels. Their connections with the zodiac system and the planets.

The relationships between polar signs of the zodiac act like laws of nature, they are simply there. This is so because opposite signs of the zodiac connect friendly elements: air with fire and earth with water. With appropriate guidance, they can complement and reinforce each other.

The planets address more intimate relationships. They have to be grasped more consciously. In practice this means that such connections do not come about by themselves. In order to become fertile they need the inner activity of the human being.

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2021 DFGKHR EN Zodiac Planets

2021 DFGKHR EN Zodiac Planets
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