Copper rod exercises

26 videos, 2h 05min

In this series of six exercises with the copper rods and their variations you learn:

  1. to integrate the rod and yourself into the geometrical order of the forces of space
  2. to allow the forces of levity surrounding you to become active in your body
  3. to awaken your sensory perception in your back
  4. to manage the self-regulating fine motor skills of your hands and fingers from without
  5. to develop a communicative relationship to the space surrounding you
  6. and to let go

We explain the exercises and show you different variations and what you can discover by practising. Then we combine the movements of the arms with the legs and walking forms. We'll show you how this dialogue between arms and legs can succeed without the head controlling it. In this way you strengthen the interaction of the upper and lower system, your body perception and your connection with yourself.

Hammered copper rods for eurythmy are made at the Hilden Metal Studio: Video

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