Packages (English)

Our standard video courses with a 33% discount

EUR 400.00

With this package you receive all standard video courses in English with a 33% discount: Eigthfold Path, ABSR, HSP, Health in Action, Eurythmy courses and life issues.
The package does NOT contain the webinars, the webinar-replays, the guided group courses and Online consultation.

Basics of eurythmy

EUR 120.00

With the courses of the basic eurythmy package you can work out important elements of eurythmy independently and make them your own. You will receive a discount of 50% and an unlimited right of return for 14 days.

Exercises for your well-being and joy in life

EUR 195.00

Health in Action fosters your health and general well-being. Give it a try and enjoy. You will quickly see how much it will benefit you. The exercises are easy. You can do them alone or together with friends. The package contains:

  • Ten Minutes a Day. Exercises for the days of the weeks. Daily in your inbox.
  • Vowels in Action - Practice what you need.
  • 108 Single exercises for every day in our First Aid Kit.
  • Spin the Wheel - Find the exercise that helps you now! Daily in your inbox.