How to retain joy in part two of the course

In a multi-stage process, it is a well-known phenomenon that the middle can present problems. Sometimes fatigue, listlessness or discomfort set in. Here we tell you how you can avoid this during the ABSR stress management course:

The course runs contrary to the weekdays. It begins with the A, which is assigned to Venus (Friday), and arrives in the seventh module at the U, which is assigned to Saturn (Saturday). This is a path that goes from openness and beauty to closure and tartness. (In ABSR 2 the order is the other way round).

The first four modules help to strengthen your vitality in various ways. The everyday exercises are more in keeping with the past (remembering, writing style, thought content, patterns of behavior). The following modules have a different style and address other levels. They appeal to inner processes. To that which wishes to become.

Therefore, it is good if you stop briefly after the fourth module to give yourself time to reorient yourself.  From then on it is especially important that you develop generosity. Practicing generosity with yourself:
  • in module 5 in the "restraining of desire" in the form of humor,
  • in Module 6, when "exercising deciding" in the sense of composure,
  • and in module 7, when "retaining from criticism" as magnanimousness.

Try to realize that even if you don't succeed with the exercises, abilities are developing and maturing within you. Looking at it this way you should be able to walk the course with joy and success. Many feedbacks have already confirmed that.

Just keep in mind that warmth, composure and generosity are keys to staying relaxed and benefiting from what you do. These are three important qualities of the heart, which is a very special kind of middle. There is also a post about the heart in the blog.
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