How do I do eurythmy with the heart when the heart is a pump?

Something similar has asked me a student some days ago by e-mail. I share my answer with you here. What do you think about that?

Is the heart a pump? I'm moving further and further away from this attitude. Yes, the heart can contract and send blood to the periphery. But that does not make it into a pump that simply runs when you switch it on. The heart has very fine nerves with which it senses what's coming in with the blood, and how it can best respond. It is so faithful and so healthy and so complex, I do not call it a pump any more.

Every organ is necessary for me to live in my body and use it, and to let it respond to my feelings. But my heart is special. It is very close to me. Sometimes I can really feel my feelings here. This is especially a powerful experience when it comes unexpectedly. When the heart reacts and I notice my feelings later. Yes, that heart is something special.

And how should I handle it in eurythmy? That's actually your question. Well, I always say that my body is a human too and happy when it is perceived by me. Like every human, it likes being perceived and taken seriously. Then it feels better. And that's probably true for your heart as well. When you think about it (is it the physical organ or its inner power or ...) that flows into your movements. You can rely on it: your heart is generous, whether it's really as intended or not. It is the beginning of the inner dialogue. And you can be sure - our heart is even more generous than we are.

Well, it is not a clear answer, but everything is part of a process. I thank you, that you have addressed that issue. I like to take it to heart


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