Health in Action Full Package

Exercises for your well-being and joy in life

The Health in Action package contains:

Seven Courses with Health in Action sequences.
Choose your own pace. 10 - 30 Minute workouts.
With animated videos, texts of the exercises, in-depth questions and a handout.

  • A: Staying receptive and becoming grounded.
  • E: Creating relationship. Interweaving opposites.
  • I: A happy heart. Mobile and centered at the same time.
  • O: Warmth and Light – Creating harmony
  • U: Resting in oneself– transcending boundaries.
  • Ei: Nurture and gentleness.
  • Au: Overview and Creativity - Creating Space for Freedom.

108 Single exercises for every day in our Health in Action First Aid Kit.
Download our set of cards and draw your special "Health exercise for the Day".

Health in Action in-depth explanation of the exercises.
A short explanation and an elaborate explanation for each sequence.

Full version of the Eurythmy4you Happy Heart.

On our Health in Action page you can access all exercise sequences, single exercises and explanatory videos.

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