Basic exercises

8 videos, 60min

In this course, seven videos show you important basic elements of eurythmy. The course handouts and the additional questions offer useful support.
• How does “etheric” movement that is not wilfully produced by me but nevertheless guided by me, come about.
• What are the counter-currents and how do I produce them?
• How and why do I separate the place where the movement is produced from the place where it takes place?
• What comes after the streaming and goes beyond it?
• How do forces that work from without differ from those that work from within?
• Why is threefold walking so important in eurythmy?

The first four modules are freely available. We show you how you have to do very little to allow the body to come into movement and  let this arise as if by itself. Then we show the most important principles for a eurythmic movement: a) that you perceive the counter-currents and can take hold of them; b) that you produce the movements in a different place to that where they come about. In the fourth module you learn that there are not only counter-currents, but that raying activities also have their own counter-images and counter-forces.

This knowledge is applied to two eurythmic exercises in the last modules: "I-A-O in the body" and "Eurythmoic walking". Here we ask you to buy the course for 0.- Euro or for a voluntary amount.

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