Ten Minutes a Day

A lovingly-designed flow through the exercises.

This course offers you a lovingly-designed flow through the vowel exercises. Every day you will receive the vowel exercise suggestion that corresponds to the day of the week. This is because each day of the week is associated with a planet and the vowels are related to the forces that we associate with the planets. 

  • A - Venus - Friday
  • E - Mars - Tuesday
  • I - Mercury - Wednesday
  • O - Jupiter - Thursday
  • U - Saturn - Saturday
  • Ei - Moon - Monday
  • Au - Sun - Sunday

For example, you will receive the A vowel exercises on Friday. These exercises emphasize the planetary energies of Venus. Practicing the A vowel exercises on Friday will support your inner connection to these energetic forces.

In the first week of the course, starting on Saturday, we will guide you through the level one vowel exercises, in the second week through the level two exercises, and in the third week through the level three exercises.

Each exercise sequence lasts 12 to 15 minutes. The exercises start out easy and naturally deepen from week to week. After three weeks we offer you suggestions for continuing the exercises with longer variations or you can start the three week cycle all over again. Of course you can also stop at any time.

Support your health and your personal well-being by trying these simple daily exercises. You will notice right away how good they are for you. You can do them alone, or together with friends and family. 

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