The lower senses and your inner balance

Oberer unterer MenschWhat if you’re suddenly pulled forward while tying your shoes? Or pulled back when you stand up? What's going on?

Topics include:

  • Stability and balance, take precautions now, feel good and benefit in old age
  • The upper, middle and lower wings
  • The lower senses
    • sense of touch
    • sense of life
    • sense of movement
    • sense of balance

Working method

In this course you get to know a fund of movement exercises that help you to support your inner and outer balance and to create a good foundation for your health.

The exercises are easy and you will learn many variations. We practice large and small movements, do exercises sitting, standing and walking, moving and listen alternately. Just as the organism needs us to do.

Why are we offering a course with exercises for inner and outer balance?

In the course introduction you will find several lessons given by Theodor in which he reflects on questions about balance, the wing system and the lower senses. These questions are then taken up in movement. With the eurythmy exercises we also wish the body to feel understood.

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Oberer unterer Mensch
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