Eurythmy to Strengthen Immune System

12 videos, 6h

Exercises to join in.The original lessons were given at weekly intervals.  You can keep to this rhythm for yourself: watch a video and then practice it at your own pace and independently for a week. Then move on to the next video.

  • The right and left pillars
  • Streaming through the body.
  • Being carried by your wings
  • Arrive at yourself

  • The O as a form in space
  • Light - Weight - O

  • A-E-I-O-U as a biography
  • U-O-I-E-A in the legs
  • Becoming light and connected: HM

  • The happy heart: I.
  • Space and shelter: H-M-I-B
  • I Am Here

The exercises build on one another, repeat themselves and slowly develop from lesson to lesson.

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