U in the legs - How do I do it without getting tense?

A participant in the ABSR 1 course asked me via e-mail in the seventh module:

What can I do so that I do not tense my legs with the U? When merging the legs internally or when building tension in the lower system, I seem to cramp myself (although I rather feel the movement as subtle).

I have responded:

Try to be mindful of feeling your lower legs and calves and creating the confluence there first, as tenderly as possible. And to bring about the confluence of the legs and the body from there. Can it be that everything becomes much more gentle, more characterized by warmth and the groin area is flowed through naturally and without pain as a result?

Or try if you do not make the confluence directly, but can generate it as counter-current to a left and right widening. Try to get to the left and right in the legs and pelvis and feel the confluence only as a countercurrent to it.

Does it help a bit?

It was reported back that the first tip helped. By additionally relaxing the sacrum downwards, the feeling of "going" described above has come to an end, which was experienced as a boon after a strenuous office day


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