Three wonderful feedbacks we've used for our flyer

Feedback 1: It does me so good to practice a little every day. More than 20 years ago I completed my eurythmy studies and I’ve since worked in a Waldorf school. After a break of almost 10 years, I’ve started to recapture my body again. With the help of the videos the experiences are intense and I feel the healing and perceptive power. Such good work! !

Feedback 2: At this point I would like to thank you for providing these very high quality tutorial films. The learning films have helped me with my entry into Eurythmy so far. I have not met the extremely precise description and execution of exercises in this way before and I appreciate that very much! My favourite exercise & meditation is the "power of health" (course Eurythmic Meditations), also a very well done video.

Feedback 3: Half a year ago, I had a cerebral haemorrhage (and resulting stroke) - I'm still in the rehabilitation phase - and then came the invitation do to the ABSR-evaluation course with the great videos. Although I have already done some eurythmy privately with some eurythmy therapists, and also in the context of study at the Goetheanum, but not with a focus on Eurythmy Therapy. The first few weeks already do me very well on several levels. I’ve connected to eurythmy again. The addition of exercises from „Nervous conditions in our time" is wonderfully harmonious.

Wie mache ich Eurythmie mit dem Herzen, wenn das Herz eine Pumpe ist?
How do I do eurythmy with the heart when the heart is a pump?


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