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Interview with Christine J. van Draanen

Therapeutic Eurythmy for Animals

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Friday, May 6, 2022 at 8 p.m. CET
Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna
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Christine is a eurythmy therapist and has been practicing therapeutic eurythmy with horses, cows, dogs, elephants and many other animals since 2011.

In the interview Christine will share her experiences in seminars, hoping that eurythmists all over the world will choose to learn, further and support this work with animals.

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A Children's Workshop with an Amazing Outcome

Saturday afternoon, when I arrive the children are just finishing their morning lessons with the horses: riding and voltige.These children are accustomed to looking and observing animals. They all ride without saddle and have been taught to observe very carefully what is happening with the horse during the lessons....

I do a session with Witsita, a brown horse, and one with Siep a huge 'Fries' (Black beauty) horse. The children noticed every phase he went through and are able to describe it precisely....

Now the chickens, geese and turkeys are on. They are carefully placed on their lap while we are sitting in a circle. First I demonstrate the sequence. Next they do it together with me with one arm, and the moment they feel their bird is settling down they can try to move the sounds with two arms...

During the final turn around I watch the children and the animals. The goat bock lay down, three of the horses did too. The geese as well. When the last sound is done there is such a quietness. One wishes at such a moment that it could stay like that forever. No one speaks or moves. After a while two fathers who come to pick up their children enter the place at the back, standing there not knowing how to make their next move. Later they said it was as if they had entered the Ark of Noach ...

What is an animal?...

...Let's hear, what Christine has to say about it.

Treating Inattentive Dogs

Walter is a grey six year old Mastino Napolitano dog of 80 kilos. Walter had a terrible time with his first owner who treated him badly. His second owner received him while Walter was seriously injured on his back, he had a wound that wouldn't heal, had not been treated properly or not at all.

Here he was cured but there was not enough space for a dog this big. And so at nine months old he ended up with a third family, who owned a garden of 19.000 m2 with lots of trees and shadow and three other dogs: two Corgis and a Leonberger who became his close friends. A male and three lady dogs. A real pack.

The first time when I want to start a session with him I have in mind to take him in the sitting room with me were we can be in peace together while the family and other dogs are outside on the terrace behind a glass door.

Walter however has only exclusive attention for them and keeps looking through the window. I don't exist for him. There is no chance of doing any sort of therapy today. I have to forget my ideas of what to do with him and make a new plan.

Do you want to know more about what Christine did and how the treatment went?...

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Eurythmy Treatment for Quarter horses

Missy and Flow are horses who coach children and sometimes adults. They are used to coaching and while Missy is the main coach, Flow is always supporting, a bit like a co-pilot.

I have never before met this kind of horses. It becomes particularly clear when one morning when I arrive Missy approaches me and starts treating me before I can even start treating her. I admit, it was very comforting. But wasn't I supposed to be the one who would do the comforting?

  • K W E F - For drying and strengthening hooves
  • Z E W A - can give them more power in their particular area
  • C I S - can help purify the atmosphere.
  • B A B O - a general sequence for herds

Never heard of?...

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Therapeutic Eurythmy for Animals - What Does a Doctor Say?

Animals are living beings with similarities and differences that present us with a continuous fount of Wisdom, Emotions and Beauty.

Let us keep in mind what Rudolf Steiner tells us: that animals, with their call to Heaven, send a signal to their Group Soul that there is still someone here on earth who listens to their messages.

When we become aware of this, we can begin to establish a Foundation Stone for a new relationship between humans and animals. Anthroposophy offers very little thusfar in the way of research or reporting in this field; little is offered about the deepening of the relationship between the animals’ Group Souls and the Elemental Beings, for instance.

This is why some pioneers begin their research into the silence of animals, who lack the possibility to express themselves with sounds that we can make sense of. They cannot make themselves understood by us in our language....

How is it that the Heavens listen to these animals? Not one song, not one sound is overlooked, ignored or forgotten by the cosmos!

What are the Heavens listening to that we humans cannot take in? How does one receive the messages from animals that cannot reach us in our language?

Through the language of gesture!

Of course, through the language of gesture!

Christine van Draanen has pioneered and researched this work for many years and is now offering the results of her work in this extraordinary book to professionals and colleagues who work with animals. You can get her book Therapeutic Eurythmy for Animals in English, German and Italian from Christine directly.

Sabrina Menestrina, Dr. Med. Vet., International Coordination of Anthroposophical Veterinary Medicine

A new training in eurythmy therapy for animals?...

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