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Theodor 18.7.2020 Pfad DE - Schnitt1The courses Resilience and Strength, Relaxation for the Nerves, and At Home in the Body take place at the same time.They start on 18/25 September and end on 4 December.

  • Practice 10 minutes a day.
  • Share and discuss your experiences with participants in the forum.
  • Theodor will be in the background and provide help if needed.

If you want to join and do something for your health and well-being, choose a course, buy it and we will inform you by email when it starts. The forum is accessible as soon as you have bought the course.

Those who have bought the course before can join in and repeat the course free of charge.

How to choose?

Have a look at the courses on offer, notice what comes to mind, breathe, then let your heart decide!

Questions? Write to Theodor

Find your course,  join us and enjoy.

Resilience and Strength

Fight infections and their burden

The health of one's immune system is reflected in the vitality of our rhythmic system. An elastic rhythmic system can withstand external and foreign pressures. In this course, five specific eurythmy therapy exercises make the rhythmic system more resilient.

  • Your resilience and strength to fight infections improves.

  • Your ability to recover more rapidly will increase.

  • Long-Covid damage will be lessened.
  • Your ability to face adversity and fears will grow stronger.

From 18 September to 4 December 2022

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Relaxation for the Nerves

Care for your autonomic nervous system

The autonomic nervous system creates the internal communication system. When it works well, mind and body resonate with each other. This has an effect on the entire nervous system, relaxing it and making it permanently strong and healthy. You can also achieve this effect with the eurythmy exercises in this course.

From 25 September to 4 December 2022

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At Home in the Body

Create Inner Balance

If we think of our body as a house, where do we find the foundation stones that keep us balanced? Our feet, our legs? Not quite. We may stand on our feet, but what keeps us upright? What keeps us alive, whatever happens to us? What helps us to create our inner balance? The so-called lower or base senses play an enormous role here.

The lower senses (touch, life, movement and balance) are the basis for your inner equilibrium. When they provide you with their inner light, it gives you security. Self-doubt and even compulsions would be less.

From 25 September to 4 December 2022

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