Copper for Eurythmy

Producing copper rods for eurythmy is more than cutting and assembling copper pipes. It is more like an alchemical process. In this video you get an insight into the metal studio Hilden (CH), where copper rods are rhythmically processed and shipped throughout the world.

Watch this video about the Metal Studio Hilden in Switzerland

For more than fifty years, the metal studio Hilden has been manufacturing products for therapeutic, medical and educational applications. Making the products by hand ensures a long life and a high therapeutic benefit.

The technique for producing copper rods and copper balls for eurythmy was developed in 1958 in this studio. With your order at the Metallatelier Hilden you support the continuation of this tradition.

Through pure metal - through pure handicraft - through pure fire - to pure therapeutic instruments

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Why eurythmy with copper rods?

No hammered copper rod at hand yet?

Then for the beginning, take a slender 16 to 20mm thick and approx. 80 cm long wooden stick that feels pleasant in your hand. In the long run, however, you should opt for a hammered seamless copper rod to benefit as much as possible from the effect of the eurythmy rod exercises on your organism.