Frequently Asked Questions

How long and how often shall I practise Eurythmy ?

Eurythmy strengthens the body awareness and leads us into a dialogue with it. In the pause between the exercises and at the end you can learn to pay attention to the life forces. This gives the life body space, the life forces are strengthened and you connect with your personal potential.

As with all things in life, whether in sport or work it is important to find the right measure in doing the exercises and not to over do them.

If you notice that the exercises do you good and you wish to do them often, we recommend that you do so with care and alternate them with other exercises and activities.

For answers to your questions or for further interest you find links to eurythmists and eurythmy therapists who may be willing to help you on our site.

In the event of therapeutic need or interest we advise you to ask a eurythmy therapist or a doctor.

I cannot afford your courses. What can I do?

Let us know what material you are interested in and make a suggestion how you could support us. There a many ways you can do so, eg.

  • Write an article about our work in a newspaper or magazin.
  • Share some of our content on your social media accounts.
  • Teach what you learn from our videos to others.
  • Help us sell our courses.
  • Produce a video with what you have learned and send it to us.
  • Work with our material and write a feedback which we can use or publish.

Feel free to invent your own suggestion. We look forward to hearing from you - just mail us !